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Mabry-Sanders Agency, Inc. is equipped to offer Greenwood, SC and the surrounding Lakelands area a full range of insurance coverage policies and because we have such a wide variety of options, we will definitely be able to meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for. We have the expertise to know how to handle all jobs, big or small.


As a full service Independent Insurance Agency, Mabry-Sanders Agency, Inc. provides a variety of insurance tailored to meet the needs of our business customers and individuals including:
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Business Insurance

As a business owner you know that it is essential to have adequate coverage but you've probably seen your rates steadily increase over the years as society has become more litigious. Business owners, especially small business owners, often have little time to devote to understanding these rate increases and changes in coverage and as a result may actually be over insured or under insured. We invite you to let us provide you with an assessment of your coverage and actual needs in order to identify any deficiencies in coverage or opportunities to save you money on your monthly premiums.
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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable physical asset and needs to be adequately insured.With all the options available, however, homeowners insurance can be a little confusing and confusion causes many people to under insure their homes.We can help you compare various types of coverage from multiple underwriters to find the best, most affordable policy for you.
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Auto Insurance

At Mabry-Sanders Agency, Inc. we work with a number of insurance underwriters in order to help our customers find the right auto insurance to meet their individual needs.Unlike some agencies whose loyalty lies with a particular provider, our loyalty lies with our customers which typically translates into significant savings for our clients. We also offer insurance for motorcycles, RVs and watercraft.
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Life Insurance

Even if you have coverage through your employer you may require additional coverage to ensure your loved ones have the resources they need in the event you are not there to provide for them.A general rule of thumb is that you need three times your annual income to ensure adequate coverage but that is a broad generalization that may not be accurate for you depending on your income level and future needs.We offer a variety of life insurance policies from the most trusted names in the industry to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.
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Disability Income for business Owners

Mabry-Sanders Agency, Inc. offers coverage to business owners to help supplement times when financial hardships become a reality due to disability. This coverage can help protect both your personal and business finances with the following coverages:

Business Overhead Expense Rider - Provides funds to reimburse owners for expenses such as salaries, business insurance, operating expenses and other fixed business expenses

Business Owner Return-To-Work Rider - Provides a benefit to the business owner when they are able to recover from a total disability and return to work before the maximum benefit period has been reached.

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